Tips & FAQ

The following are questions that customers often have, the first question is most common


Ways To Avoid Costly Data Recovery

Backup Your Files to Avoid Costly Data Recovery as frequently as you can, even everyday would guaranty you a peace of mind! Many individuals and businesses loose important files as a result of hard drive failure.


The Best Anti Virus for Mac – From a Technician Perspective

As many people asked, it is not necessary to have an Anti Virus on your Macintosh as long as you do not download or you do not go where you should not. Stay in the eco Mac apps eco system and you will never have any problems. Now if you are not sure you can stay in the eco system as far as software goes, the Best Antivirus would be Kaskpersky or Sophos Home premium for Mac or for businesses get Sophos End Point with Blades. You should ALWAYS verify the sources where you getting your apps or where you are going on internet


What Operating System Should I Get For My Mac?

Well it depends on the year of you Macintosh. " First I would go under " About This Mac, then see the version of your system. Take a look at Apple's requirements if you want to make sure that your Mac can run the operating system. For example if you have a 2010 MacBook Air with 2 GB of Ram do not try to run the latest system on.

Frequently Asked Questions

It really depends on the nature of the problem. We can run a quick diagnostic test and tell you within 3 minutes max what's wrong with your machine, unless there was a liquid spilled, in which case we will repair your Mac Laptop within 2-3 days, we also offer a 24 hour priority service (subject to availability of parts if needed). If we need to order parts then we can normally get these next day delivery. We realize how difficult being without your computer can be and we will always try to get it back to you as quickly as possible.

We will always offer you a fixed price for the repair, for example if your laptop needs a screen replacement for example, we will give you a total price for the work before starting. Please note that the Diagnostic is always free here! We don’t want you to have any nasty surprises; we want you to know exactly what your repair will cost before we start working on your device

Offering a personal service is top of our list; you will speak directly to the person working on your computer so you can explain the situation in detail. We turnaround repairs quickly, we don’t send anything away to service centers like Apple does and we don’t quote 5+ days for repairs. We don’t charge any upfront costs, you only pay for work once it’s completed and when you are happy with it.

Absolutely, we repair Mac laptop screens all the time and it’s much cheaper than buying a new laptop. Contact Us for a quick quote, we have the majority of laptop screens in stock and can normally replace your screen the same day!

We do only work on Macintosh Computers, not that we do not know about PC but if you come or call in for a PC repair, we will kindly refer you to one of our shop that repairs them. Problem is that with PCs the cost of a repair is almost as much to fix as the machine. It is easier to stock parts for macintosh, but almost impossible to do with PC as there are so many models.

We will always take great care in looking after your data. We conform to the Data Protection Act and any data we hold is held in strict confidence. We undertake work for a number of local businesses including solicitors and high street shops and understand how important personal data is. Any customer data that is stored is always stored password protected and in encrypted format. We always advise if possible you take a backup of any data on your computer prior to any work being undertaken and we can discuss any backup options with you if needed.