Here's what to remember about the Keynote

Apple has finally unveiled the long-awaited new Mac Pro. Modularity and excessiveness are the order of the day. Its aluminum structure resting on a stainless steel skeleton hides a real monster: Intel Xenon of 28 Cores, 1.5 TeraBytes of RAM, 8 PCIe slots, Graphics card (s) AMD Radeon Pro Vega II ... All this supported by a 1.4 kW power supply. The Apple Afterburner video decoder card will allow you to process 3 streams 8K ProRes RAW or 12 streams 4K simultaneously. On the side of the connectivity Apple also spoils us lol with 4 ports Thunderbolt 3, 2 ports USB-A and 2 ports Ethernet 10Gb and all that not without to say the Apple MPX Module. The <6>Mac Pro starts at $5999.00.

The Mac Pro and the Display will be available this fall