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Apple MacBook Keyboard Replacement Services in Tampa

Apple MacBook Keyboard Replacement

WarriorMac can fix your stubborn keyboard

Is this something you see on the screen when you type? dropped R's, dropped or doubled E's, doubled T's when you write on your Apple Mac Laptop?, or it doesn’t post when you press a key at all. Maybe your butterfly mechanism button doesn’t work, or maybe you got something stuck or simply your keyboard or power button stopped working? This again is a typical problem and now even more with the new generation keyboard butterfly, as the keyboard is the first part of the laptop being targeted by liquid during a spill, and one of the most used parts of Apple Mac Laptop. Keyboard issues are caused from high humidity or liquid damage yeah! we are in Florida and this is something that WarriorMac can fix.

WarriorMac can stop your nightmare


We have most Apple MacBook Laptop Keyboards and can in most cases perform the job the same day, without ordering parts. We even do the Macbook Pro Retina keyboard replacements, but we have seen some of our competitors saying that many repair shops do not offer this repair without replacing the entire top case. This is actually true and here we are going to explain why. The Keyboard are welded onto the top case by solder point when you remove the keyboard in most cases these soldering point stay in place while some will be removed. problem is that you have unheaven counterpoints and make the keyboard not seating correctly in place and at some spot it will slightly sink down while you type; not a really good feeling though, but as always we make 2 quotes, one with top assembly and one without it just the Apple MacBook Keyboard Replacement.

Here are the prices for your Apple MacBook Keyboard Repair Service

A1286 (from 2009 – 2012) 15” Unibody Macbook Pro $150.00 | A1297 (from 2009 – 2012) 17″ Unibody Macbook Pro $180.00 | A1465 (from 2012 – 2017) 11” Macbook Air $200.00
A1425/A1502 (from 2012 – 2015) 13” Retina Macbook Pro $240.00 | A1398 (from 2012 – 2015) 15” Retina Macbook Pro $240.00 | A1534 (from 2015 – 2017) 12″ MacBook (top case replacement) $350.00
A1706 (from 2016 – 2017) 13″ MacBook Pro $315.00 | A1706 (from 2016 – 2017) 13″ MacBook Pro $315.00 | A1707 (2016 – 2017) 15″ MacBook Pro $325.00

Our standard service offerings are delivered remotely and during normal business hours, saving you money. However, upon request, we can perform upgrade/update, migration or conversion services on-site at your organization. Additionally, we can deliver services outside of normal business hours, including weekends. WarriorMac stands behind his repairs and provide a 1 year warranty on any keyboard replacement